You’ll come away with:

Confidence in the practical application of successfully keeping honeybees.
Plus a Level 1 certificate.

This course is for:

The complete novice with an interest in beekeeping.
Once certified by Bee Plus you can enjoy the advantages of being part of a vibrant community of beekeepers with an invitation to join a peer support group on Facebook and to attend monthly “Beer n Bees” support meeting (March 2021 – currently held via Zoom)
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The course is delivered on the Moodle learning platform. Below is an outline of the syllabus. You can complete the course at your own pace. The course is divided in to topics. As you complete each topic you are awarded a badge. Collect all the badges to complete the course and receive your certificate and the other benefits. Course includes contact time with the tutor.  

  • History of the Honeybee
  • Anatomy of the Honeybee
  • Lifecycle of the Honeybee
  • Swarming – what it is & how to deal with it
  • Pests & diseases – identification & remedial actions
  • Hives – types, pros & cons
  • Colony assessment & hygiene
  • Bee keeping annual diary
  • Record keeping
  • Apiaries – site selection & risk assessment
  • Health, safety & PPE 
  • Welfare Manifesto

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