Foundation Course in Beekeeping online


You’ll come away with:

Confidence in the practical application of successfully keeping bees.
Plus a Level 1 certificate.

This course is for:

The complete novice with an interest in beekeeping


Foundation course banner

   Due to strong demand the Bee Farmer has designed a on-line beekeeping course. The objective of the course is to provide a well rounded knowledge of keeping honeybees to get the beginner off to flying start. A beekeeper needs to be proactive since the bees have their own agenda and will carry on regardless. Understanding how and why bees work will lead to a greater enjoyment of your honeybees and to recognise when they need support.

Below is an outline of the syllabus.

  • History of Honeybees
  • Anatomy of the Honeybee
  • Life cycle of the honeybee
  • Swarming – What it is and how to deal with it
  • Pest & diseases – Identification and remedial actions
  • Hives – Types, pros and cons
  • Colony assessment & hygiene
  • Health, safety & PPE
  • Record keeping
  • Apiaries – site selection, risk assessment
  • Bee keeping annual diary
  • Welfare manifesto

The course also provides lists of reading material and providers of bee keeping sundries

See what students have said about the course. Click HERE for my Testimonial page 


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